classic (version 1.13) macro intro and personal key bind

  • 注意, 此版本没有 @focus 宏 , 也就是说

/focus target

/target focus

/cleanse focus

/polymorph focus

这些都不能用,  除非装了支持focus 的 addon , not necessary

  • 如何做到只 turn direction , but not follow , 也就是 /follow , 只转向, no additional movement

/是否可以  /follow sone      /stopmacro

  • macro conditional

Conditionals are used to control actions based on information.

Conditionals are enclosed within square brackets ,seperated by a comma if more than one.
The comma can be seen as an “and”   逻辑与 

Conditionals/parameter groups are separated by semicolons.    就是分号

The semicolons can be seen as an “else if”


IF Condition is true : Cast Spell1 ELSE Cast Spell2

When you click this macro , first the [help,@focus] condition is tested and when true (you can cast a helpfull spell on your focus ) Renew is cast.

所有 condition 列表   (for 1.13 )

[combat] : True if you are In combat
[exists] : True if you have a tartget
[dead] : True if Target is dead
[harm] : True if you can cast harmfull spells on the target
[help] : True if your target can receive a beneficial effect
[mod:shift] , [mod:ctrl] , [mod:alt] True if you hold the given key
[stealth] : True if stealthed
[vehicleui] : True if the player has a vehicle UI
[unithasvehicleui] : True if the target of the macro has a vehicle UI
[party] : True if target is in your party
[stealth] : True if stealthed

[stance] Returns TRUE if you are in the given stance or shapeshifting form [stance:#] or [form:#] also works with forms for druids

[equipped] Returns TRUE if the given item is equipped [equipped:item name] Can also use shield, two-hand, one-hand

[actionbar] Returns true if you have that specific action bar shown [actionbar:1] The action bar pages

All targeted conditionals are evaluated on your current target by default. You can change the target of the macro by using a targetting modifier.

[@focus] evaluates conditionals based on your focus target.
[@player] evaluates conditionals based on yourself.
[@mouseover] evaluates conditionals based on the target you mouse is hovering over.
[@cursor] evaluates conditionals based on the position of your mouse cursor.

没有 [party1] 或者 [party2]  …  吗 ?

target Changes the target of your conditional/command to a different unit [target=unittype] or [@target] can also use @target or @name

    • #show 和 #showtooltip 的用途

Notice how i add “#show” or “#showtooltip” at the top of every macro.
#show shows the ability icon instead of the icon you suggested and its cooldown. #showtooltip replaces the icon you selected with the actual ability tooltip (the information text about it etc) and also adds the cooldown.

比如 qiding  yanbao , show yanbao ‘s icon and cooldown

  • switch weapon and shield

Having problems with that weapon enchant proc breaking your control? Or do you simply wish to swap your weapons without having to go to your equipmentmanager or bag?

Well then, all you have to do is add this code to the ability you want to swap weapon on.
Ofcourse you can also just put it on a button without an ability in it.

Main Hand:

/equipslot 16 WEAPON NAME

Off Hand:

/equipslot 17 WEAPON NAME


/equipslot 18 WEAPON NAME


  • 做不到的

Although possebilities seem endless.. there are some actions that can not be done with macros.

Theise include:

Checking for position
Checking the amount of class resources or health you have left
Cooldown of abilities (posseble with scripts, but not with an ordinary macro)
Recognize procs
Checking distance to target (range)

  • focus 和 target的区别, 以及1.13还有没有 focus

a) 以名字定 target

/run TargetByName(“REPLACE THIS TO NPC NAME”, true) CastSpellByName(“Fire Blast”)



  • common skill ‘s new  format :

a) for warlock and mage ,  shadow arrow and fireball , change it to

this mean : shadow arrow ‘s priority is  my focus  > tank’s target  >  my mouse over >  my current target

但是,首先设置 target = tank 是不是有问题 ?


b)  for priest , how to heal base tank ‘s life value ?

还做不到, 因为没有基于 condition 的 trigger

  • How to use items in macro

just shift + click it to past /use itemname into macro

Lets go a step further. You can also bind Item’s in your macros! Crazy huh?

Lets say, you want to use your Agility/Strength/Intellect PvP trinket along with a big cooldown:

/use 13

This will use the item in your upper trinketslot along with the ability you defined. For the lower trinketslot, you use “14”.

It isn’t limited to trinkets though, you can put anything in there as long as there are no restrictions:

1 Head
2 Neck
3 Shoulder
4 Shirt
5 Chest
6 Belt
7 Legs
8 Feet
9 Wrist
10 Gloves
11 Finger 1 (Top)
12 Finger 2 (Bottom)
13 Trinket 1 (Top)
14 Trinket 2 (Bottom)
15 Back
16 Main Hand
17 Off Hand
18 Ranged/Relic
19 Tabard

most useful for : dznlhf

在不失去当前target的情况下, 对team member spell buff

Use a spell on team mates without losing your target

This is really helpful for dispelling/decursing/freedoming etc. a team mate while not losing your target. Replace Boodizz with the player name and Dispell Magic with the spell you wish to use.


/cast [@Boodizz] Dispel Magic;


    • This will fear your target, but if shift is held down, it will fear your focus (can be changed to any modifier e.g. ctrl, alt)


/cast [nomod] Fear;

/cast [mod:shift,@focus] Fear;

    • 连续cast

/castsequence Fel Armor, Demon Armor;

  • Using #showtooltip
    When you create a macro, the standard tooltip will default to whatever you name your macro. For instance, if you set up a macro to cast Greater Heal on a target when I hover over the macro button on my action bar, it will just say ‘Greater Heal macro,’ or whatever you decide to name it. That is unless you use the “#showtooltip” command at the top of your macro commands.

Even though this is a conditional part of your macro, you don’t have to specify the name of the spell after the #showtooltip command. Instead, your tooltip will display the first ability or item you specify in the main body of your macro. That said, if you want it to display a certain spell or item when you hover over the button, you can specify its name after #showtooltip. Here’s an example of using #showtooltip in a basic macro that will cast Greater Heal:

  • How to select team number

/tar party1


key bind  :

for warrior ,   key 1 is attack ,  if press once again , is not attack but keep target ,  use for mage sheep it  (shift+B) .

key 2 in battle stance is  hero strike ,  defend stance also  hero strike ,  it also bind warlock shadow arrow , mage fireball ,   paladin attack , because hero strike can raise high threat

key shift 2 in battle stance is  hero strike ,  defend stance also  hero strike ,  it also bind warlock and  mage  mozhang  (not neccesary )

key 3  in battle stance is silie , defend stance is dunji  , also bind warlock 3 dot

key 4 in battle stance is  yanzhi ,  defend stance fuchou ,  also bind paladin release shenyin,  priest zhengji ,  mage fire rush , warlock life  xishou

key 5  in battle stance is  duanjin,  defend stance pojia   ,also bind warlock and mage mozhang

*****  when defend stance , pojia, hero strike , fuchou , all bind warlock three dot

          when mod near dead ,   use another duanjin ,   it mean duanjin + paladin ‘s zhicaizhichui + mage firerush  ,  use tank ‘s target , if no , use sq ‘s target 

key 6   bind priest heal tank

key 7  bind paladin heal tank

key 8  bind priest shield tank

key 9 bind priest huifu tank

key 0  paladin wudi

For priest ,

Ctrl 1-5 heal party number 1-5

shift 1-5 shield  party number 1-5

alt 1-5   huifu  party number 1-5

key J  mean if leader have help target , shield it , else  jianyin self

key K mean scare mods

key g mean dispell  magic effect

shift + K mean warlock kongju multi target

Ctrl + k  mean warlock scare single mob

for mage ,

sheep macro

key B  mean

B also bind priest heal mage , also bind warlock ‘s  firerain which will cast make mage  as target

shift B mean only binghuan

shift + F mean all follow tank ,

C mean only paladin follow tank

Key F mean paladin : zhicaizhichui


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