flutter mac 环境安装与调试

  • 安装与诊断


  • 当 执行 flutter doctor 时 ,  出现 :  Checking Android licenses is taking an unexpectedly long time…

这个消息耗时特别长 , 解决方法是 :  执行   flutter doctor –android-licenses

但在执行过程中, 出现错误信息 :

Warning: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Remote host closed connection during handshake
Warning: File /Users/liuyang/.android/repositories.cfg could not be loaded.
Warning: Failed to download any source lists! Fetch remote repository…

解决方法 :  关闭 shadowsock 软件



  • How to set up china flutter env



  • flutter run –suppress-analytics

出现  FileSystemException: Failed to set file modification time    错误