flutter how to add getx package to exist project

  •  先安装package

  • 运行

get package

  • 执行

启动 cli 工具


  • 执行

看是否显示getx的版本 , 能正确显示版本说明到此为止正确

  • 比如现有的目录是这样的  /lib/widgets/layout/sms.dart

想给sms.dart文件加一个controller ,  可以执行 :


以上命令来自于 :https://github.com/jonataslaw/get_cli





flutter 怎么让datatable 也能自适应宽度

SizedBox.expand results in the DataTable taking an infinite height which the SingleChildScrollView won’t like. Since you only want to span the width of the parent, you can use a LayoutBuilder to get the size of the parent you care about and then wrap the DataTable in a ConstrainedBox.

来自网站: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56625052/how-to-make-a-multi-column-flutter-datatable-widget-span-the-full-width



如何检查flutter textfield 是否包含unicode字符


来源于网站: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55607305/how-can-i-check-if-a-textfield-contains-unicode-characters-in-flutter-dart





这个网址也可以看一下; https://dev.to/stack-labs/flutter-utf8-textfield-length-limiter-and-char-counter-31o7