How to install and config vsftpd in centos 6

  •  install

  • edit conf file

change below items to  :

  • start ftp service

  • try to connect this ftp server , open browser and type :

  • get a reply of

then request I input username and password ,  I tried using root and the password for root, but that didn’t work.


emulate CDRCatch to catch VMS txt CDR

Part 1   learn and compile exsisting 

In MyExcel.cs ,  find a reference to

If really need this component ?

solution is :

Now this program can be compiled , When it is normally running on server 24 , the interface is this form :

Part 2  How to simulate a run-time environment

  • First , install filezilla server in local machine ,  set username , pwd ,and home folder
  • Second , create a sql server DB for test , here is all needed script


  • Then , config connection string in catcher program
  • Create Catcher_VMS.cs for VMS cdr format
  • final the program can run normally .

Part 3 Code analyze 

  • Catcher_InsertThread.cs  only duty for insert cdr into db ,  cdr is come from

But , where m_CDRPool was EnQueue ?   in  Catcher.cs ‘s Worker()  function , processcdr function do it .


Part 4 VMS side cdr format 

here is the zip file :  20180718160119_09

in this file , exist such column of CDR :

  • next  , look at how SH ‘s catcher deal with CDR file , it is in this function

Catcher_misc.cs ‘s


Part 5 Q&A

  • what CatcherName,CDRID,SwitchID mean ?

CatcherName is the name of catcherlist .

Switch mean each FTP server ,  it include


it is defined in Catch.cs ‘s worker function  

and assigned from store procedure :

  • How to create a test FTP server on win 10
  • what is the purpose of catcher ‘s filter ?

Part 6 DB 



  • Visual studio :  expand all code —> Ctrl + M + P ,  Unexpand all code —> Ctrl + M + O
  • How to delete split container control :  click the control , then press escape , then press delete key .
  • How to convert yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss fff  to datetime


See Also



———————————————–  2018-8-15

关闭窗口前提示:  否则线程泄露



VMS format 读到 go 的时候,跳过, 不报错


rateplan, help , about 去掉

右边2个listview设置固定时间刷新  —  10 分钟


  • local ftp server login :  liuyang  ,  piercing


Do not forget

  •   2018-7-3  5:00PM

Yasser ask for CSL side prompt , i find in cctb1 host and send to him

file location is :     cctb1 host ‘s   C:\TelcoBridges\toolpack\setup\promptFiles ,    file name begin with CSL.

After check , yasser said it is sintel prompt for temp tesing , and he will ask CSL  prompts for  launching . 

  •   2018-7-3  9:00PM

salinda said SG site some tasks which should running on 0:00AM not working

after check , i find these tasks have stopped at 2018-6-27

so run this

to re-enable them .

  • 2018-7-4

CSL side have start to make UAT test , lam said yesterday them make a test call which A number is 639175883234 , but I do not find it in cctb1 ‘s log .

success config Globe—>csl  reeidd callflow and success make a call talk to Kelvin

TODO: make call income from VMS199 also can call to csl (DONE)

  • 2018-7-11

make sheypei ‘s change request

  • 2018-7-18

ma’shao’fang will arrive today 9:00PM



Asterisk v13 AMI Q&A

  •  how to define AMI recv which event ?

in /etc/asterisk/manager.conf

change :  read = cdr   (prior request is :  in cdr_manager.conf , set enabled = yes in the general section )

only read cdr event mean do not include such as :

Event: Newexten

Event: Newstate

Event: DialEnd      …..

if want to check these event ,  the form should be :   read = call,cdr


    •  Why in dispatched  cdr event , duration not same with dest dialplan duration ?

in dest asterisk extensions.conf , I set :


So all the calls ‘s duration should be 30 sec  , why the example is 27 sec ?

temp conclusion :  Duration and BillableSeconds in Cdr event is not correct .


  •  190  ‘s outgoing call why use “autodialer” dialplan ???