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Can an addon write to a log file?
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Can an addon write to a log file?

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Dec 12, 2015
Does wow allow addons to write data to a txt file for example?

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Dec 12, 2015
Not directly. All file i/o is removed from addons.

However, an addon can tag a variable to be saved in the SavedVariables folder under the addon’s name. An addon can tag it to save in a global file or a per-character file.

And this variable can record stuff over time to create a log. (It’s how addons can keep track of stuff over time)

While this file can’t be forced into a format immediately recognizable to an outside program (unless it reads lua files), there may be an ODBC written up for doing this to convert to Access or maybe a csv for Excel or something.

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Dec 12, 2015
Any chance you could link me to what you are talking about?

Every page I looked at has a common theme: Blizzard won’t allow io because of bots.

Never even heard a mention about what you just said.

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Dec 12, 2015
I don’t know if this would qualify as a link for this intended purpose but:

It’s easier to explain by example. Create the two files named in bold in a folder called TargetLog under AddOns:

## Interface: 60200
## Title: TargetLog
## Notes: Uses SavedVariables to log targets across multiple sessions
## SavedVariables: TargetLogData

TargetLogData = {} — initial value (will be overwritten when/if SavedVariables load)
local f = CreateFrame(“Frame”)
if UnitExists(“target”) then
local name = UnitName(“target”)
local level = UnitLevel(“target”)
local health = UnitHealthMax(“target”)
— adds date/time,name,level,health of target to TargetLogData

The next time you log in, as you target stuff, it gathers a few bits of info about your target and adds it to a table (TargetLogData). This data will accumulate across sessions (the purpose of SavedVariables is to keep stuff between sessions).

Note the ## SavedVariables: TargetLogData in the .toc. This is where you tag a variable to save. Then the addon itself fills the variable (almost always a table) with stuff.

Now when you logout or reload (and ONLY when you logout or reload–addons can’t control when this stuff writes beyond forcing a /reload which a user is generally not going to want while they play), the contents of TargetLogData is saved to the file WTF\Account\%accountname%\SavedVariables\TargetLog.lua. This is a text file that looks like:

TargetLogData = {
“12/12/15 00:19:57,Lunarfall Infantry,100,195708”, — [1]
“12/12/15 00:19:59,Muradin Bronzebeard,100,29356200”, — [2]
“12/12/15 00:20:02,Deedree,90,17503”, — [3]
“12/12/15 00:20:05,Captain Towix,100,97854”, — [4]
“12/12/15 00:20:06,Officer Jeor,100,97854”, — [5]
“12/12/15 00:20:08,Alliance Sailor,100,1467810”, — [6]
“12/12/15 00:20:09,Lieutenant Thorn,94,63226”, — [7]
“12/12/15 00:20:11,Shield Captain Chien,100,97854”, — [8]
“12/12/15 00:20:13,Sentinel Dawnshadow,100,97854”, — [9]
“12/12/15 00:20:15,Ro,100,385260”, — [10]
“12/12/15 00:20:18,Lunarfall Infantry,100,195708”, — [11]
“12/12/15 00:20:19,Porter,2,50”, — [12]
“12/12/15 00:20:22,Seer Kazal,100,97854”, — [13]
“12/12/15 00:20:24,Aenir,90,14002”, — [14]
“12/12/15 00:20:25,Squiggy,90,35006”, — [15]
“12/12/15 00:20:27,Rooter the Ravenous,100,146781”, — [16]
“12/12/15 00:20:28,Lio the Lioness,98,65312”, — [17]
“12/12/15 00:20:29,Quintessence of Light,25,788”, — [18]

This is a lua table of the data saved. When you log in later, part of the addon loading process is to run any existing SavedVariables files, so the table you saved on last logout is created with previous data on next login.

That is the complete and total extent that addons are allowed to write files.

An addon cannot change the structure of this file. The table name and syntax (table = { stuff, stuff, stuff, etc }) is there so it can be run. An addon has no control over this. The game creates it for its own purpose and makes no accomidation for outside programs to read it. If they ever change the structure of this file it would probably be to encrypt it so outside programs can’t use it.

To use it as a log for an outside program would require massaging this text to remove the syntax stuff to get a CSV or whatever format you choose. And it’s important to remember that this stuff only writes on a logout/reload. They don’t want it writing in realtime to prevent outside programs from learning about what’s going on in the game.

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Dec 12, 2015
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  • 所有注册的事件:


  • 关键函数

function Spy:ShowAlert(type, name, source, location)   in  MainWindow.lua

function Spy:AlertProwlPlayer(player)                                   in  List.lua

function Spy:CombatLogEvent(…)                                            in Spy.lua

判断 level :  用这个函数

function Spy:ParseUnitAbility(analyseSpell, event, player, flags, spellId, spellName)                                  In :   List.lua


  • 启动顺序

在 spy.xml 的 OnUpdate 事件中: 指定了当update发生时的执行函数

之后执行到 Spy.lua 的:

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