Do not forget

  •   2018-7-3  5:00PM

Yasser ask for CSL side prompt , i find in cctb1 host and send to him

file location is :     cctb1 host ‘s   C:\TelcoBridges\toolpack\setup\promptFiles ,    file name begin with CSL.

After check , yasser said it is sintel prompt for temp tesing , and he will ask CSL  prompts for  launching . 

  •   2018-7-3  9:00PM

salinda said SG site some tasks which should running on 0:00AM not working

after check , i find these tasks have stopped at 2018-6-27

so run this

to re-enable them .

  • 2018-7-4

CSL side have start to make UAT test , lam said yesterday them make a test call which A number is 639175883234 , but I do not find it in cctb1 ‘s log .

success config Globe—>csl  reeidd callflow and success make a call talk to Kelvin

TODO: make call income from VMS199 also can call to csl (DONE)

  • 2018-7-11

make sheypei ‘s change request

  • 2018-7-18

ma’shao’fang will arrive today 9:00PM